Indian Society is known for its versatility towards cultural diversity. A university serves vital role in tethering the character and providing with the culture of adaptability for young brains. GLS University found this need of global urge and decided to introduce an immersion programme with a well-known Canadian Educational Foundation, “Georgian College”. On 21st May 2017, the second crew of 26 Indian students (representing varied branches and institutes) and 1 Faculty, under the umbrella of one university started their journey towards global exposure in Canada. This 3 week programme started with the cultural orientation at the college and the country altogether. The diverse group had varied need for knowledge and exposure, which was minutely taken care while designing the programme. This experience became one of its type, since its academic content was uniquely compressed package of character and personality orientation, Career Selection, “Marketing Your Talent”, Employer’s and employee’s needs in North American Branch, Entrepreneurial Journey and much more. But it failed not in amusing the hectic days of this aspiring groups, by the fun filled visits like Niagara Falls to Toronto CN Tower and even the Canada’s Wonderland. It was a well-planned combo of academic lectures, amusement activities and lots of shopping experience too. What they learned in class, was accompanied with similar amount of learning beyond classes. Since the start was amazing, and so was the trip, the farewell at cruise was no lesser than any. In all, it was what a university is meant to do, make their students “Global ready”!