Industry Interaction through the internship programme would be an important component of curriculum in PGDM at NRIBM. Industry Institute Partnered Internship Programme would be one of the innovative offerings of this programme aimed at developing future leaders and innovators in the industry.

The IIPI has been designed to offer several new value-added deliverables to the industry and enhance significant learning opportunities for students. IIPI combines two major components, viz. industry immersion and long term learning association with an organization through offline assignments.

Under IIPI, each student is attached with an organization at the end of the term II and associates over the next 12 months (till the end of the programme) for undertaking a major online assignment and one major offline assignment, both of which would be defended by the participant in front of a panel of experts appointed by the institute and industry. This ensures that students exhibit a high level of commitment to organizations and deliver key values with comprehensive strategic insights.

The students, upon confirmation of internship, would work in close co-ordination with the mentor from NRIBM faculty and/or industry practitioners as well as from the organization.