Global Immersion (Rural/International/Simulated Enterprises)

The prime objective behind offering International Immersion as part of the PGDM programme is to ensure a global orientation/ perspective, through participation and understanding of international practices in a selected country's institutes/ organizations. This participation and understanding needs to be directly relevant to one of the various identified areas/domains of Business and Entrepreneurship. This may result in a study of cultural, social, economic & political environment of countries chosen for immersion.

Satisfactory completion of International Immersion is one of the prerequisites for graduation from PGDM. It carries 4 course credits. The total duration of International Immersion is 15 days:


  • To develop a global mindset, which is a critical factor for effective executive /entrepreneurial career
  • To appreciate and analyze different business practices as contingent upon the socio-cultural and economic contexts.
  • Indentify, comprehend and apply - business practices globally relevant in the context of
    • some of businesses/industry verticals/academic topics (through a visit abroad)
    • rural development practices related to issues/opportunities in India (through rural immersion)
    • student's own business idea/model/domain (through immersion of simulated enterprises)

Students may choose the three alternatives to complete this requirement.
These are:

  • Undertaking a visit to a foreign country
  • Rural Immersion
  • Simulated enterprises