The days celebration were organized from MBA department on 16 th and 17 th March, 2022. The days comprised of Group day and Traditional day. The campus witness vibrant articipation from the students for both the day backed by never-ending wnthusiam of the onlookers

1. Group day

On this day students were asked to come in group with the theme left to their imagination. right from avengers to professionsl, money hesist to shark tanks, the campus witness it all. Activities like ramp walk, guess the jingle, sing the tracks and other group activities were organized. Thus the dat ended on a happy note.

1. Traditional Day

Days celebration is always incompete without those 6 yards of clothes or the indian attires. on 17 th March, 2022 the campus was filled with traditional vibe, where students in thir Indian attire organized ramp walks, group activities like make a chain and queen of sheeba. It was a beautiful sight to see.