Concentration and Good health are the common success factors for all kind of job; and Yog is probably only handy approach to achieve them! Yog empowers every individual to have stable mind and good health to achieve difficult targets comfortably.

With the current hectic lifestyle, food habits, increased level of stress, and limited personal time have created many health related challenges. Institute aims to equip the students, who all are on the doorstep of this lifestyle, to address these challenges by giving them training of Yog by professional Yog trainers. Yog is believed to have a strengthening effect on the human body system through its non-tiring physiological activities that bring about poise of body and mind.

Institute motivates students to indulge themselves in this Indian practice of de-stressing the body, mind and soul. By organizing frequent Camps, institute intends to make Yog as a part of students’ daily routine which they can follow for rest of their lives to enjoy the future.