“Welcome to the world of business” starts in its virtual sense for a B-School graduate during the summer internship.

It is an integral part of management education. It serves as an excellent platform for the students to apply their academic learnings through hands on Industrial exposure. Eight weeks of comprehensive exposure to the industry inculcates the skills and finesse necessary in a manager. Positioned between the first and second year of the course, which begins in May, the programme is most effective in widening the students' perspective by providing an insight into real life organisational situations.

The heterogeneity of the students with respect to their graduate education qualifications along with the concepts of general management they are exposed to during their first year of MBA programme make each student a budding executive aspiring to test this acquired knowledge on the ground realities of dynamic business environment.

During the internship, a student undergoes rigorous training under the guidance of functional area experts in the corporate world. Students gain analytical and problem solving expertise while applying theoretical knowledge and skills in the practical world.

This process is mutually beneficial for both, the students and the organizations, wherein the students gain practical experience and the organizations get quality research and fresh perspectives. Summer internships provide the companies with the opportunity to evaluate students' candidature for future employment.

At the end of this training, students are required to prepare a report and furnish a certificate of completion of the project as per the satisfaction of the company. We believe in soliciting feedback from the corporate guide at the end of the summer internship to enhance the learning derived from the exercise.