When urban areas are full of industries & vehicles and global warming has started showing its presence; finding out green place is a challenge!

To overcome this challenge and provide a better & healthy place to live, institute organizes Go Green drive with the help of students in various parts of Ahmedabad and Gujarat. Over the period of time, institute has successfully communicated message to the students that the tree you plant is your baby and you are responsible for its healthy growth! With this feeling in mind, students not only plant a tree but make sure that it grows properly. Students also motivate their friends & family members to plant a tree to make tomorrow a green tomorrow.

In addition to tree plantation, students create awareness for using fewer papers which can play vital role in accomplishing mission of go green! With the help of various creative messages; students promote alternatives of paper and ways to reduce consumption of paper where alternative is not possible. In addition, students also promote recycling of garbage for reusing them to save other available resources.

Go Green Drive makes students realize importance of natural resources and motivate them to be conscious while using various natural resources.