GLS University aims to develop globally aware graduates with internationally competitive skills well-matched to the international jobs and assignments of today and future. The prime focus to bring internationalisation will be by fostering globally connected research and scholarship.

At present, the University has entered into 17 foreign collaborations with leading academic institutions from across the globe. Global mentors and start-ups will be invited through these channels to interact with the University’s incubator. There are formal and informal arrangements with eight Foreign Universities / Colleges for Student-Exchange Programme, Organizing Conferences, Joint Research & Visiting Faculty Arrangements.

  • Waikato University, NZ
  • Wismar University, Germany
  • Essex University, UK
  • University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Wasar & Brown College, USA
  • Southern City University, California, USA
  • Alliance with CIMA, UK
  • Alliance with AOC, UK
  • University of Regina, Canada
  • Collaboration with India – NZ Business Council
  • Collaboration with International Association of Applied Psychology
  • Member of AIMS-International
  • Collaboration with BizzAppDev
  • Collaboration with Openfuel for online incubation and mentorship
  • Charter member of TIE

International Representations of GLS University

The university through its faculty and students have made notable representations across the world. The nature of the representations being visits, sponsoring or hosting events, exchange programmes etc. Following are some illustrations of such representations.

  • Participation at Global Marketing Conference, Singapore
  • Hosted India – New Zealand Business Forum in 2013 - 2014
  • Visit to University of Wismar, Germany
  • Visit to University of Essex, UK
  • Visit to University of Waikato, NZ
  • Visit to University of Deakin, Australia
  • Visit to Regina University, Canada
  • Students from Vassar and Brown College, USA visited the GLS
  • Visit to Georgian College, Canada
  • Visit to California Baptist University, USA