As the name suggests its celebration of giving and not to oblige underprivileged! The institute believes in contributing back to the society by not just donating materialistic things but by creating good human beings who all will continue celebrating the happiness of giving.

To foster this spirit of celebration, institute organizes “Daan Utsav” every year in which team of students actively participate under the guideless of senior faculty members. The team encourages other students and staff members to donate things which can be reused for someone such as old clothes, toys, newspapers, stationery, furniture, etc. After collecting all the reusable things, students visit various places with some active NGOs such as “Gunj – A Delhi based NGO”, “Ahmedabad Blind Association” etc for distribution.

During the distribution events; students play various games, show short movies, and spend some valuable time with children & other people to actually spread the happiness. Daan Utsav makes students realize the importance of old stuff which they might be wasting.