Students opt for industry project for fulfilling the requirements of dissertation. Students use the learning and cases based on their project work as well as continuing industry internship to enrich the industry project.


    • To enhance and apply strategic and analytical skill set to macro environment to industry and an organization using multidisciplinary perspective
    • To apply some of communications, marketing, management and business model and techniques to understand challenges in industry and emerging trends
    • To draw best practices in industry – in Indian and global context
    • To identify critical factors for generating key decision options and propose new tools/techniques/methods and processes for analysing critical factors leading effective decisions

Industry Project Framework

    • The students select any one of Industry/segment vertical or academic topics based on which they wish to study industry problem pertaining to their career interest. For example, a student choose to work on Strategic Marketing in Event Management vertical, or Strategic Brand Management across other segments in management domain.
    • The focus of the dissertation is on the critical analysis of key elements, future prospects and present it as a framework or a model which will guide the practices in industry.
    • As a part of the next step, One needs to consider the challenges and key trends (out of published sources) being faced in a particular industry vertical/ academic discipline using either industry wide or organisation level diagnostic problem solving exercise and propose innovative solutions/models approaches.
    • The students bring in innovativeness and strategic thinking approach to the entire analysis and perceive future opportunities and growth prospects. Along with or apart from this, the students try to spot a breakthrough innovation/process or idea in the said field.
    • Students ideally bring in the back up of some exploratory research work through qualitative research and quantitative projections about the industry/segment from the secondary sources.